Design and Illustration


b. 1986, HK.



Originally from Chicago, Joe Van Wetering enjoys pizza, TV and Tetris. Inspired by the contrasting visions of pop culture and nature, Joe explores the continuously developing relationship between color and space, creating abstract visions of everyday life through artwork.

Selected clients

Hilton Hotels, Nokia, New York Times Magazine, Armada Skiis, K2 Snowboards, Real Skateboards, The Simpsons, The Gap, Fortune Magazine, Blik Wall Graphics.

Select Exhibitions

03/09 - Show N Tell Show, Chicago
06/10 - The Cheaper Show no.9, Vancouver
06/10 - Techno Craft, San Fransisco
10/10 - Chicago Artist Month Opening Show
01/11 - All Decks on Hand, New York
08/11 - What If Show, Chicago
01/12 - Adult Swim x Gallery 1988, Los Angeles
04/12 - Pokémon Battle Royale, Minneapolis
08/12 - Crazy 4 Cult, New York
05/14 - Ghostbusters' 30th Anniversary Show, Traveling
09/14 - Evolutions - Solo Show - Gallery 1988, Los Angeles